Introducing Ayetu

A Robust Financial Layer for Users Across Africa




As 2024 ramps up, we’re looking forward to everything that the year has in store for GoodBlock’s robust suite of Web3 products. With that in mind, we’re excited to unveil the branding and roadmap for the Africa-based blockchain project, Ayetu! In this update, we’ll be diving into what Ayetu is and the inspiration for the branding, as well as diving into what our community can expect to come out of the project in the coming months.

Ayetu: Making Financial Services Accessible to Everyone Across Africa

Ayetu, is a private blockchain, designed to serve as a settlement layer for financial transactions across the continent of Africa. It combines GoodBlock’s leading infrastructure with an enhanced version of the Antelope tech stack in a way that allows financial applications to be built in compliance with local regulations across Africa.

The goal of this is to create a fairer financial system for users across Africa. It was this goal that inspired the name Ayetu. Yetu means “our” in Swahili, with the A in the name standing for Africa. So, Ayetu essentially means “our Africa”, a fitting name to a project that aims to create more equitable financial tooling for communities in countries across the continent.

This branding kicks off a new era for the project. One that begins with a heavy focus in Nigeria, where much of the project’s core team is based. The team is also currently undergoing an executive search for a CEO that can help take Ayetu to the next level.

Unveiling the Ayetu Roadmap

The most exciting news this week has been the release of the Ayetu roadmap, presented by the core Ayetu team. The presentation covered six critical areas that will be focused on in the coming months:

  • Partnerships

  • Core Protocol Improvements

  • Web Interfaces

  • The Mobile Super App

  • The Ayetu Token Bridge

  • The No-Code App Development System

  • Exchange Launches

Check out the video below to learn more about the mission of Ayetu and for an in-depth look at the roadmap for the year ahead. It’s going to be an extremely exciting year for the entire Ayetu community!

Work is Ramping Up Quickly

The team is concentrating on what will be critical to complete in the first two quarters, with the efforts deepening throughout the second half of 2024. Progress is well underway, with the team working tirelessly over the past several weeks on a website, block explorer, and whitepaper.

There are already a number of partners beginning to integrate their projects with the Ayetu technology. Kanda Weather has been deployed and is recording atmospheric data on-chain. Additionally, GreenEarth Agro’s Ghanaian Regenerative Agriculture project is already recording agricultural and IoT data.

Partnerships have also been announced with LazyLabs, formerly known as Fortis, to develop the Mobile Super App, as well as Detroit Ledger Technologies, who will build out the Ayetu Block Explorer.

GoodBlock is excited to be involved in Ayetu as an technical and infrastructure partner. The technical team at GoodBlock has been working steadily to build out our robust Privacy API and PII servers, as well as our easy-to-use interfaces.

An Exciting Year Ahead for Ayetu

With the new branding officially unveiled and a robust roadmap released to keep the project on track, it’s going to be an epic year for the Ayetu community. Together, with help from our key partners, there will be a lot more announcements released and milestones reached in the coming month.

Learn more about Ayetu by heading to, connect with the community on Telegram and stay in the loop on upcoming announcements by following Ayetu on X. While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow GoodBlock on X for more updates on Ayetu and all of our other Web3 projects. We’re happy to have you along for another year of building innovative solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems.