Ayetu Roadmap

Q1 Goal: Onboard and execute partnerships that our business development team has obtained.

  • CMC Top-50 Centralized Exchange with focus on the African continent

  • Establishment of a corporate entity in Switzerland

  • Chaindustry partnership for HUB in Nigeria

  • Onboarded a local marketing and business development team in Nigeria

Q2 Goal: Onboard and execute partnerships that our business development team has obtained.

  • CMC Top-10 Centralized Exchange IEO

  • Uniswap pool ATU-USDT

  • EU-based licensing for remittances

  • Complete executive search in Africa, expand Executive Team

  • Build out ambassadorship program

Q3 & Q4: Expand on business development growth

  • UK-based licensing for remittances

  • USA-based licensing for remittances (licensed in top 3 states for Africa remittances)

  • Central Bank partnerships with at least 1 West African nation

  • TAPAS DEX liquidity added

Business Relationships

Core Protocol Development

Q1 Goal: Build on our MVP blockchain. (All of these to be completed by the EoQ1.)

  • New batch_transfer action

  • Early member staking contract: Rewards Distributions, Unstaking, Rewards Claiming

  • StakingBuckets contract: Staking, Unstaking, Rewards Dist, Rewards Claiming

  • 6 Validator nodes total, 4 in Africa

  • Hyperion history nodes - mainnet & testnet

  • public API

  • Transition to permissioned API (balance & tx privacy)

Q2 Goal: Build on our MVP blockchain. All of these developments are expected to be completed by the end of Q2.

  • 8 Validator nodes total, 6 in Africa

  • New iso_transfer action for ISO-20022-compliant messages (abridged)

  • PII/Digital ID-ready off-chain database nodes for GDPR-compliance

Web Interface

Q1 Goal: Create a unified experience between all of our tools, web-based and mobile.

  • Powered by GoodBlock’s permissioned API

  • Block Explorer social media features

  • Website Dashboard (staking, unstaking, account information)

  • Simple sign-on (OAuth) aka Social Sign-on.

  • Ayetu-Ethereum bridge for wrapped ATU tokens.

Q2 Goal: Continue to build on our MVP web interfaces.

  • GDPR-compliant account management

  • Rudimentary customer service portal

  • Social connections (friend accounts, basic messaging)

  • Full transition to permissioned APIs completely

  • Document notarization/timestamping

Mobile Super App

Q1: Goal: Create an MVP to serve as the base for our SuperApp.

  • Development Partner LazyLabs, creators of the Fortis Wallet

  • Architecture and feature list

Q2: Goal: Integration with ecosystem

  • Rudimentary customer service portal

  • EVM access component

  • Built-in simple Point of Sale system

  • Event Ticketing

  • Payments

  • Identity (various levels)

Q3 & Q4: Integration with ecosystem

  • Friends and followers lists

  • Basic messaging

  • Reputation score

  • Badges

  • Transaction privacy

  • 3rd party app integrations

Ayetu Token Bridge

Q1 Goal: Create an MVP bridge solely controlled by Ayetu Foundation

  • Two-way bridge that allows people to convert ERC-20 wrapped ATU token to native ATU on the Ayetu blockchain and back again, quickly, securely, and at low cost.

  • Bridge integrated into dashboard app (app.ayetu.net).

Q2 Goal: Expand the functionality of the bridge

  • Engage third-party bridge for USDT and other coins

  • Onboard other CB-licensed currencies as licensing allows

  • Onboard project-specific coins

  • Bridge-as-a-Service for select tokens (pending legal review)

  • Real asset-backed currency token.

No-Code App Deployment

Q3-Q4 Goal: Make application building easy and accessible. Pre-made & audited contracts

  • User-configurable customization

  • One-button deployment

  • Out-of-the-box no-code systems:

    • Store loyalty rewards program

    • DAO creation

    • Multi-signature wallets

    • Digital certifications

    • Asset tokenization

Exchanges & Economic Growth

  • Limited Private Purchases: To provide for the needed funds needed to prepare for a top CEX token launch, we will be raising limited funds from private investors already in our circle.

  • Top CEX IEO: We are prepared to launch Ayetu as an ERC-20 token on a major exchange to bring value into the system. (There will be no “Fair Sale” prior to this.)

  • Uniswap ATU-USDT LP: This ensures anyone can take part in owning Ayetu’s ATU tokens.

  • Self-Secured Ayetu-Ethereum Token Bridge: Will allow easy access to tokens moving between chains at very low cost and risk.

not started

in development


in testing/review

The Ayetu Network's ambitious but achievable 2024 Roadmap aims to release many first-of-their-kind blockchain features focused on ease of use, security and privacy, and growth.

We maintain an open Roadmap Checklist weekly for transparency and responsibility. We are committed to providing quarterly progress reports and annual reviews of our performance as a team.

Ayetu Roadmap Checklist